>> There's too much work in the handling of our products. Can't it be a little easier?
>> Don't you have any magical carts that can carry products of various sizes and shapes?
>> Are there any optimal ways to ensure the quality of our food products during the manufacturing process?
>> Are carton boxes really the most affordable ones? Whenever we need to dispose of them, I wonder if this is true!
>> Our factory is in the middle of a woods, and birds always foul the building. What can we do?
>> For cold storage, we use foam containers, but disposing of them is a hassle. What is your solution?
Q. We use carton boxes as circulation boxes. After using them only 4-5 times, we need to dispose of them and buy new ones. Do any other boxes stay "returnable?"
The Situation:
Many companies believe that carton boxes are affordable and practical, which is sometimes not true for those who use these boxes often for transportation. They are not durable or waterproof, for example, and cannot be used as many times as the users would like. This was the case for this customer, and the cumulative cost of "affordable" boxes was actually impairing the small company's financial situation.
TAIRA's Solution:
Plastic boxes are expensive and take up too much space! This might be what many people think. In fact, this statement becomes obsolete if you know about our Folding Containers. By using these containers, made of plastic, you also don't have to worry about the rain or water any more.

When the containers are folded,
their size is reduced to between 1/3 and 1/5 of the open size, which helps to conserve stocking space. Also, because they do not use iron-cores or bis, their insides do not rust, which makes them ideal for carrying food products or those that need to be in a hygienic condition. And it goes without saying that these boxes can be recycled and are friendly to the environment.

After replacing their carton boxes with
Folding Containers, the customer reduced by 1/4 the cost of circulation boxes in just the first year, and if we consider their durability, the cost becomes 1/25 of what they used to spend! What the company did next was to use the containers not only as circulation boxes, but also for other purposes.

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