>> There's too much work in the handling of our products. Can't it be a little easier?
>> Don't you have any magical carts that can carry products of various sizes and shapes?
>> Are there any optimal ways to ensure the quality of our food products during the manufacturing process?
>> Are carton boxes really the most affordable ones? Whenever we need to dispose of them, I wonder if this is true!
>> Our factory is in the middle of a woods, and birds always foul the building. What can we do?
>> For cold storage, we use foam containers, but disposing of them is a hassle. What is your solution?
Q. We are a food production company, and have been making our best effort to maintain the quality of our products. I wonder if we are missing anything.
The Situation:
When we visited the factory, we found that it was excellent, with every facility and all equipment kept clean and neat. The only problem was that we also could see that the cost of doing so was enormous. We suggested to them a way to cut this cost dramatically.
TAIRA's Solution:
The customer was using ordinal conveyors with rubber belts, so they had to be careful that the rubber did not to spoil the food products. But we have completely washable conveyors, whose belts are made of plastic. By using these conveyors, the company doesn't have to worry about rubber pieces accidentally getting into the food, and can remove all the dust and water as well. Also, these belts will not rust. The advantages of these conveyors actually meet HACCP standard for food production.

We not only sold the conveyors, but also installed new delivery lines using them. New sorters were added to the lines, but the motor, bolts and other hardware was removed from the conveyors' surface. These new lines became friendly not only to the product, but also to the employees who work by them.

As a result, the customer is very satisfied with the new lines, and
the maintenance cost was reduced to 1/10 of what it was before. Also, ultimately their consumers can appreciate the food's safety, which was what the company really wanted. The company gained its customers' trust, and TAIRA gained words of appreciation from the customer.

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