>> There's too much work in the handling of our products. Can't it be a little easier?
>> Don't you have any magical carts that can carry products of various sizes and shapes?
>> Are there any optimal ways to ensure the quality of our food products during the manufacturing process?
>> Are carton boxes really the most affordable ones? Whenever we need to dispose of them, I wonder if this is true!
>> Our factory is in the middle of a woods, and birds always foul the building. What can we do?
>> For cold storage, we use foam containers, but disposing of them is a hassle. What is your solution?
Q. Birds always foul our building and something has to be done. Still, we don't want to harm these birds and we want to remain an environmentally friendly company.
What shall we do?
The Situation:
When we visited the factory, we saw that the buildings, parking lot and vending machines are all heavily fouled. It was located in the middle of woods, so they could have done nothing about it. What concerned the customer so much was the impression of their dirty working environment, which could cause visitors to distrust them. Still, they didn't want to take aggressive measures against to these birds.
TAIRA's Solution:
TAIRA suggested they use Pigeon Protectors. This is a set of plastic sticks you can put where pigeons or other birds are likely to roost. Pigeon Protectors are used not only by private companies, but also in public places such as stations where many people are troubled by the same matter.

Their installation is very easy, but an important consideration is where to install them. After checking out the locations where these pigeon were likely to be seen, we drew layouts and installed them accordingly. Now, the customer sees very few pigeons every day, and says, "I miss them."

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