>> There's too much work in the handling of our products. Can't it be a little easier?
>> Don't you have any magical carts that can carry products of various sizes and shapes?
>> Are there any optimal ways to ensure the quality of our food products during the manufacturing process?
>> Are carton boxes really the most affordable ones? Whenever we need to dispose of them, I wonder if this is true!
>> Our factory is in the middle of a woods, and birds always foul the building. What can we do?
>> For cold storage, we use foam containers, but disposing of them is a hassle. What is your solution?
Q. We create our own carts ourselves, as we need various kinds of carts to carry different equipment. Can we somehow avoid this time and energy consuming work?
The Situation:
The customer needs various carts to carry audio equipment. They create these carts themselves, to satisfy both their operational and financial needs. Their wooden carts are not optimal, however, because of their heavy weight, poor durability and inconvenient storage and disposal. Also, it is time and energy consuming for them, experts in audio equipment, to do this unfamiliar handiwork.
TAIRA's Solution:
Various carts for various equipment...is not TAIRA'fs idea. A cart called MINIPOLYTRAR can be joined with other carts both horizontally and vertically, to make them larger or smaller according to their needs.

As these carts are also
light and durable, the customer can pile them in the car for deliveries or in their storehouse. Also, because we offer four colors to choose from, it makes them easy to distinguish from each other, and therefore the possibility of losing them was highly reduced, said the customer happily.

These flexible carts can be also used as a "
moving floor," and you can relocate your products without moving them from one shelter to another. "Once we started using them, we couldn't use other carts any more!" That was an encouraging word from the customer, and we are looking forward to hearing what you would say about the MINIPOLYTRAR!

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