>> There's too much work in the handling of our products. Can't it be a little easier?
>> Don't you have any magical carts that can carry products of various sizes and shapes?
>> Are there any optimal ways to ensure the quality of our food products during the manufacturing process?
>> Are carton boxes really the most affordable ones? Whenever we need to dispose of them, I wonder if this is true!
>> Our factory is in the middle of a woods, and birds always foul the building. What can we do?
>> For cold storage, we use foam containers, but disposing of them is a hassle. What is your solution?
Q. We have our own distribution center. Its inefficiency is causing a heavy workload for our staff, and making our personnel cost rather high. How can we improve it?
The Situation:
This company has its own distribution center, whose personnel cost is rather high and needs immediate improvement. The problem is caused mainly because most of their operations are done manually, and only limited personnel are physically capable of carrying the heavy products. They hesitate to install an automated system, however, mainly because of budgetary restrictions. To find a way to reduce this burden while maintaining processing capacity, or making it even higher, they came to us, TAIRA, for a consultation.
TAIRA's Solution:
In their distribution center, we found that their staffs were making some unnecessary movements. Most of their products are heavy and big, and to place them onto the shelves people were repeating an up-and-down movement, from the floor to the shelves. This is not only inefficient, but also undesirable, as it can injure their back.

Therefore, we proposed that they use
GOLDLIFTER. This is a special lift whose height is adjustable, merely by using a pedal. With GOLDLIFTER, people do not have to move up and down, but only from side to side, which reduce the stress on their bodies and improves efficiency at the same time.

The customer tried the lifter several times and soon found that it was a very convenient tool indeed. Especially, the company told us that those who had less physical strength were happy to use it, and that their working efficiency had been much improved. Moreover, as the lifters can be folded, they don't take much space and can be carried anywhere; for example, to your customers for deliveries. There are many possible uses, and you will find ways suited to your particular situation.

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