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Gold Lifter
Mini Polytrar
Hand trucks
- low noise type
Ace Carry
Route Boy
Pressed-board trucks
Heavy-duty steel trucks
Antibacterial containers
Folding containers
Magic Container
AZ Container
Conductive containers
Washable conveyors
Free-curve conveyors
Small-sized belt
Roller conveyors
Turn conveyors
DC motor conveyors
Pigeon protectors
Corner Clip
Various Conveyors
1 TAIRA handles the conveyors of all major Japanese manufacturers.
Products and Cost
To find the most appropriate conveyor for your system, first think of your "products." If your products are in boxes, you may want to consider using roller conveyors, as themaintenance costs are lower than those of belt conveyors. However, if your products have different shapes, you probably need flexible belt conveyors, depending on the weight of the products and other conditions. Please let us know your situation, and we will let you know which conveyor is the best for you.

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