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Pigeon Protectors
*** No more droppings on my roof! ***
Keep your buildings clean and sanitary without harming birds
Model: I-type
Use pigeon protectors because they are:

Easy to install.
Harmless to birds, as they are made of plastic.
Flexible to arrange. Protectors are easy to cut and connect for different lengths.
Durable for approximately 8 years of normal use.
Sales price in Japan
Model Size
(W x L x H: mm)
Height of
needles (mm)
Number of
Material Color Price
Pigeon protector
60 x 600 x 103 100 36 Polypropylene Gray 1,155
Pigeon protector
II-N type
76 x 600 x 146 142 54 Polypropylene Gray 1,365
Model Product Needs for Size
# of pieces
Minimum order Price
[258]hatoprocra Clamp
Type I & II 50 x 59 x 45 2 1 294
[256]hpc1 Clamp
Type C1 63.5 x 30.0 2 1 116
[257]hpc2-n Clamp
Type C2-N 44.0 x 40.0 2 1 126
* For the installation, two special clamps for one protector are necessary.  Please ask us for more details.

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